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How to book on to a course
Booking for the Summer 2016 courses is now open.

One of the quickest ways to register for a course is to email and let us know the following details:

• Name and address
• Date of birth
• Contact numbers (also include a mobile number so that we can use our text messaging service to advise of any changes or confirmation of your course)
• Email address
• Course name and code as it appears in the brochure

Call our enrolment line on 01604 368023 and ask for the Learn2B enrolment team. Our enrolment team is available from 9am to 5pm daily Monday to Friday. An answerphone is available outside of these hours for your convenience but please speak slowly and clearly when leaving a message so that one of our team can call you back.


An online registration form is available on the Northamptonshire Adult Learning Service website


BURSARY GRANT - We can help towards materials/transportation etc.

All of our courses are FREE but in some instances we make a nominal charge for materials for the work that you produce and take home for instance - Pottery. If you feel that the cost of materials may prevent you from attending the course please contact our Bursary Officer on 01604 367950 for help towards the costs.

Where possible we try and use town centre facilities but we also like to be able to offer the provision across the county. If you feel that you are unable to access a course due to transportation limitations please contact our Bursary Officer on 01604 367950 for help towards the cost of transportation.

Please help us to run as many courses as possible for as many people as need them. Please do not book onto a course if you are not available to attend the whole course.

You can book on up to 3 courses if you feel you might benefit from them.