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What services we offer

The Peer Support Workers can offer a number of services to support individuals.

Firstly they provide you with:

Time - Giving you time and space to go through the various options and approaches that you may wish to explore. 

These options may include:

Listening - Being someone who will listen to you and talk about how you are feeling.

Recovery - Help you to define what recovery means to you and support you to plan your own recovery.

Information - Provide information on specialist organisations that may be able to help if you have a specific area of concern or interest.

Self-help - Provide information on self-help and self-management tools for you to explore and help you decide on the best way forward.

Adult Education - Provide information on adult education groups such as - Coping Well With Stress, Anxiety Management, and Sleep Management

CCBT - Support to use computer based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and help in making good use of relaxation CD's and DVD's.

Read Yourself Well - Assist you to use the Read Yourself Well Bibliotherapy Scheme (accessing books that can help you).