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Stay hopeful


Read Yourself Well

There is very good evidence to suggest that reading can help people who have emotional problems.

Like other self-help methods Read Yourself Well will need some effort on your part. It's a good idea to try to set aside some special, regular time to read your book.

A peer supporter can help to encourage you to get involved in reading as a way to help you understand your issues and begin to overcome your problems.

A peer supporter will work with you to decide which book will be most helpful:

Self-help guides
Recovery stories
Feelgood fiction

Support will be given throughout your reading to help you understand the issues and to offer advice on how you can put what you are reading into practice.

After you have read the book you can talk to the peer supporter about how the book has helped you. Your peer supporter can also give you information about other books that might be of use.

Book groups are an alternative to one-to-one meetings or phone contact. They offer an opportunity to meet other people who are in a similar situation to you and share thoughts and ideas. CLICK HERE to find out more about book groups.

CLICK HERE to download the Read Yourself Well: Mental Health booklist