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Look forward with hope


"I had the good fortune to be in work and to have a family and a child I loved very much. Seemingly from nowhere I was hit by a bout of overwhelming anxiety. After treatment with anti-depressants I improved a bit but began to worry about my health, my family and I also began to think that I was actually losing it big time - going mad!

The doctor gave me a book to read which was not at all helpful, because there was no-one to discuss it with. I eventually saw someone from the Wellbeing Team. It only took a few weeks to get the appointment and the best thing happened - I understood that I am normal, I'm not going mad I just have anxiety.

The worker helped me to understand the link between all of my physical stuff, the horrid chest pain and the beating heart that sounded like it wanted to burst out of my ribcage. The worker helped me to start to make changes, not only psychological ones but also stuff around what I was doing day to day. I even joined a gym.

I read another book but this time it helped as I had someone to work through it with me. When I think back I realise it was actually me who made myself better but I so needed the help. I am back at work now and with all my new skills I am often able to help others".