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Alternative Therapies

Complementary therapies work on your mind, body and spirit.

There are many different therapies that are available and this section of the website will tell you a bit about the main ones and give you links to other websites where you can find out more.

Complementary therapies are not for everyone and a therapy that helps one person may not help another.

This section should not be seen as a recommendation for any individual complementary therapy - it is simply a place for you to find out what is available.


Acupuncture restores and maintains a healthy body and mind by inserting very fine needles into specific points of the body which stimulates the body's self-healing power. Commonly treated conditions include: arthritis and rheumatic disorders/back pain and sciatica/ headaches and migraine/stress, anxiety and depression/ IBS and digestion problems/menstrual disorders and menopause/stroke rehabilitation etc


Aromatherapy is the ancient art of healing and soothing through the use of Essential Oils which are extracted from the petals, fruits, twigs, leaves and seeds of plants. Each Essential Oil is said to possess particular qualities and aromatherapy demonstrates how these individual properties can be used to treat specific problems. 

Chinese Herbal Remedies

Chinese herbal medicine offers a different vision of health and disease from Western medicine, viewing illness within the context of an individual's total physical and psychological being, It aims to treat the whole person rather than separate parts. Chinese medicinal herbs come from nature and are used in different forms - pills, tablets, liquid extracts etc. The herbs are chosen by the practitioner according to their diagnosis of your problems. 

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Also known as colonic irrigation, this therapy aims to help relieve the digestive problems that can be the symptoms of our stressful modern lifestyles and poor diet. Colonic hydro therapists often also offer advice on nutrition and lifestyle to improve your digestive health in the future.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is the use of crystals to balance your energy points that, it is believed, can have positive effects on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Flower Essences

Whilst most medicine treats the physical complaint with a physical treatment Bach Flower Remedies treat the unseen or psychological cause with an unseen energy. As with most alternative remedies flower essences treat the patient as a whole and not the disease. 


Hypnotherapy aims to treat emotional and psychological problems by putting an individual into a deep state of relaxation and then dealing with the issue in question.

Indian Head Massage

This therapy involves massaging the head and shoulders and works on both a physical and psychological level to de-stress the whole body and create a deep sense relaxation.

Meridian Therapy

Also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, meridian therapies see emotional problems as being linked to disturbances in the body's energy systems. It is believed that these problems can be released by tapping on selected points of the body.


Osteopaths use touch and manipulation to diagnose and treat problems caused by misalignments of the muscolo-skeletal system. In a healthy body, this framework supports and protects the organs, helping all body systems to function at their best. 


Reflexology uses gentle pressure with only the fingers or thumbs on parts of the feet to return the body to a natural state of balance. It reduces stress by inducing deep relaxation; it improves the circulation and helps in cleansing the body of toxins.


During a Reiki treatment the practitioner places their hands gently and passively in different positions on the body. People use Reiki to treat a wide variety of physical and psychological problems