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Questionaires & Tools

Personal Wellbeing Plan

This simple tool helps you to make positive choices about your health, aid recovery and prevent further episodes of mental distress. CLICK HERE to download the plan. If you would like us to put your completed plan on the website to share your ideas with other people please contact us using the feedback form.


Our BLAST - Be Less Anxious Stressed & Tense - tool provides you with a comprehensive and easy to use booklet that will help you improve your sense of wellbeing.

Download the booklet (PDF)

It aims to help you recognise how stress effects you and provides you with basic coping skills to help alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Its packed with information, techniques and resources - so download your copy today and start to build a brighter future!

Problem Solving Process

This easy to use tool helps you to think about and process any problems you might have and guides you through the steps you can take to help solve them.

Download PDF

Audio - Structured Problem Solving

Listen to our audio guide to help you problem solve effectively.

Download MP3

Behavioural Activity Planner

This simple planner helps you measure the achievement and pleasure you gain from daily activities.

Download Word Document